Fire Hydrant Systems

who we are

FIRE HYDRANT SYSTEMS PTY LTD was established in July of 2002 to supply Fire Protection Products to Plumbers installing Hydrant and Booster systems required on Commercial and Industrial applications.


what we do

We specialise in this sector of the Industry as it requires unique skills that we have developed and perfected over many years which allow us to service the needs and the individual requirements of our clients. All products we supply comply with the various Australian Standards and if applicable the relevant International Standards as well.

In line with local and international installation methods our main core products are the roll grooved range of Pipe, Valves, Fittings and Couplings, this system is available from 50mm to 300mm and beyond and is used on almost every fire service being installed around the country today.

the industry

The Roll Grooved system was introduced during World War 1 as a quick and efficient method of supplying fuel and water pipelines to remote areas by the Military. It was quickly adapted for use in Mining & Waterworks and eventually became the industry standard system for Fire Protection Equipment. Installation of all parts of the system can be assembled in a fraction of the time compared to welding, threading or flanging.

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